Inauguration of Centro Stirling Navarra.

Coinciding with the celebration of Embega’s 50th anniversary, and in the presence of authorities from the Government of Navarra, the town of Villatuerta and the Mondragon Corporation, Centro Stirling inaugurated its new facilities in Villatuerta.

The entire research team of Centro Stirling also visited Embega’s facilities, appreciating its latest investments and the progress made in recent years in accessing new and demanding sectors with components of greater added value and complexity.

The new offices and laboratories have meant an investment of more than 150K€ and have been generously supported by the Government of Navarra.

The Villatuerta staff, with its 9 researchers (2 of them PhDs) now has larger and better equipped facilities to support and promote Embega’s innovation strategy and, with it, that of the companies in the Components Division.