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Centro Stirling

CS Centro Stirling is the R&D&I unit of Mondragon Components, a group of companies belonging to the MONDRAGON Corporation, leaders specialising in the home and with a worldwide presence.

We research and develop the most advanced, efficient and clean technologies in the area of household components and subsystems.

CS Centro Stirling was set up to promote and encourage collaboration in R&D&I projects at Mondragon Components, the Division of the MONDRAGON Corporation to which it belongs.


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Science and Technology Agent

CS Centro Stirling is a private non-profit organisation and is accredited as a Science and Technology Agent by the Basque Government and has been part of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network (RVCTI) since 2009. CS Centro Stirling has been declared a public service entity in 2012 (BOPV 23 April 2012) and is registered as a Technology Innovation Support Centre at the Ministry of Science and Technology.

It was the first business R&D unit to be accredited within the Navarra R&D&I System (SINAI) in 2020 (Regional Order 2E/2020 of 28 February), possessing extensive equipment at its second headquarters in Villatuerta.

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The participation of CS Centro Stirling in a number of both public and private research projects has allowed it to generate in-house expertise in electromagnetics, fluidics, thermodynamics, materials and functional printing, as well as in design and electronic manufacturing technologies, communications and ICTs.