Our preferred sectors are those in which our partners and our companies are actively involved, which are mainly the household, automotive and silver economy sectors.


Our homes are becoming greener, more efficient and more connected. CS conducts research into new materials, new production processes, sensor technology, human-machine interfaces, communications, artificial intelligence, actuators, etc., and supports companies to implement the advancements in these fields in the market by means of technology and knowledge transfer.

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Motor vehicles

The motor industry is advancing on many fronts, from electrification to connectivity, not forgetting the work with new materials and sensors that allow the vehicle to be significantly lighter without compromising on safety. CS Research assists their companies with the daily challenges posed by this demanding sector.

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Silver Economy

This ever-growing sector increasingly recruits people with more and more knowledge in the use of electronic tools and products that make their lives easier. CS, in collaboration with other organisations, contributes, by means of its developments, to the rapid market introduction of innovative solutions using the latest communication and A.I. technologies and cloud-based processing.

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