SC plays a leading role in the 4th edition of the Research Initiation Week

SC researcher Iñaki Fernández de Bastida, together with Ermira Junita, PhD, from the Department of Aerospace Technologies at the University of Putra, Malaysia, and a chosen group of students took part in the 4th Research Initiation Week.

In this 4th edition, a group of students chosen amongst the best in the fields of Mechanics, Design, Automotion and Computing of the University of Nebrija, faced the challenge of controlling the positioning of a laser beam by means of the thermal control of an SMA wire.

Iñaki explained the basics of the control theory that would later be applied when facing the challenge and how to implement it with the available materials.

Two of the five groups into which students were divided succeeded in passing the challenge and winners received, besides knowledge and experience, €100 each.